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Hey, I'm Sophie. I am a 27 year old designer

from Bromley, Kent. 

I have worked with social media for around 7 years, in which it became clear that I have a passion for content and digital design. For the last three years I have been working on Designed By Soph, helping small businesses create a brand identity and making their products and services stand out from the rest.


If you would like help with your branding or creating social media content, please get in touch. I would love to help!

How it all started

My passion for design started when I chose for my A-levels; photography, media & business studies. During sixth form I decided going university wasn't for me. I started an apprenticeship which developed into a full time job where I became their digital marketing assistant. This kickstarted my desire to help friends and family with their brand identities - this is where Designed By Soph began. I have worked with a multitude of businesses including; hair & beauty, e-commerce & within the building trade.

I am currently working within the marketing industry - running social media accounts, building campaigns and newsletters.


favourite colour?

Pink - #FFCEE7

sweet or savoury?

bright or pastel?

love language?

Bright and Bold

Mini Eggs

fav ice cream flavour?

branding icon?

savoury always

Ben & Jerry's - Phish Food 😋


quick fire questions . . . 

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